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We provide IT security assessment services for organisations such as Penetration Testing, External Surface Tracking and Security Consultations.

Understanding is key

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test or pen test is an ethical simulated cyber attack against an application or infrastructure to identify any exploitable vulnerabilities.

It can involve attempting to breach a number of computer systems (in an strict environment so there is no actual data loss) to validate the effectiveness of security controls in an environment, and to highlight risks and insecurity.

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It's Crucial to know

Why is it important?

Being able to have a specific test on your business environment will help to safeguard you and test your cyber defenses before a threat comes along.

  • Helps to identify vulnerabilities and possible insecurities which would otherwise remain unidentified
  • Helps test the capabilities and effectiveness of your cyber-defences
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Manually Performed

Penetration Testing Services

We are hacking experts on all technologies and platforms

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Build Safer Sites

Website Pentesting

Assess your web applications to make sure you are shielded from online threats

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Review your code

Source Code Auditing

Search for vulnerabilities deep down in your source code

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safer mobile apps

Mobile App Pentesting

Operating system agnostic assessments to verify that your applications are secure

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network deep dive

Internal Assets Pentesting

Forensic-styled searches to locate attacks which may exist within your private network

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discover pesky leaks

External Surface Tracking

Locate vulnerabilities and anomalies in systems and technologies across your business
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words of wisdom

Security Advice + Training

Expert advice on implementing business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms

Our hackers have identified 5,000+ vulnerabilities in companies globally

We're proud to work with the brands you know and love to protect your data and privacy.

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Vulnerabilities Identified
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Successful Projects
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Customer Satisfaction
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Company Growth
we are growing fast

We started in 2017 as a small team of passionate hackers

Web Immunify started as a small local company in Ivory Coast. After years of accumulated experience, we are more than ready to face bigger challenges.

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An attack can happen at any moment...

Digital security is more important than ever before, and with ever-increasing sophisticated attacks, you can't afford to leave your business security unchecked. Don't leave it until it's too late.

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